Moses Mabhida Stadium

With its "arch of triumph", the Moses Mabhida Stadium is a defining landmark similar to Sydney's Opera House or The London Eye. This stadium is within five minutes drive from Holland House BNB.

Mitchell Park

The only zoo in Durban, Mitchell Park was initially established as an ostrich farm in 1910. After an unprofitable start, other animals were introduced and it became home to many large animals; most notably an Indian Elephant called Nellie, in 1928. She could blow a mouth organ and crack coconuts with her feet.

Mitchell Park has a whole host of small animals including crocodiles, buck, raccoons, wallabies, monkeys and tortoises Be sure to visit Admiral, an ancient tortoise that first came to the park in 1915. There is a walk-through aviary that allows you to get close-up views of many beautiful bird varieties like cranes, flamingos for you to visit. You can enjoy tea or a meal at the Blue Zoo tea garden, nestled among trees and attractive flowerbeds.

Kings Park Rugby Stadium

The home of The Sharks. This is also within minutes drive of Holland House being right next to The Moses Mabida Stadium

Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World

Suncoast is one of Durban’s most exciting and fun-filled destinations. Come and can hang out with friends or spend quality time with the family while you enjoy the perfect mix of sun and sea, and some of the best entertainment right on the Durban beachfront.

Inkosi Albert Luthuli ICC Complex

The leading conference centre in Africa for the last 5 years, and rated 4th in the world in 2005.

The Botanic Gardens

The Durban Botanic Gardens is situated in the city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is Durban’s oldest public institution and Africa's oldest surviving botanical gardens. The gardens cover an area of 15 hectares in a subtropical climate.

Victoria Street Market

The Victoria Street Market is an indoor bazaar with its blend of all things Indian and African. The Victoria Street Market is set in a huge building that resembles something out of a Maharajah’s story and is one of Durban's most recognizable pieces of architecture with 11 colourful domes modelled on Indian construction. The Victoria Street Market offers everything from Indian spices and incenses, to fresh fruits and vegetables, fabrics, ceramics, and arts and crafts. When you enter the multi-coloured building, you're immediately hit with an assortment of aromas (a mixture of curries and incense) The top floor is popular with international visitors due to the collection of souvenirs, jewellery, fabrics, and crafts (saris, scarves, arts and crafts, woven baskets, beaded dolls and animals, oriental ceramics) in more than 170 stalls display their wares.